Aspiring Avalanche Dogs

Fresh Powder A supreme phenomenon. The glistening winter coat is engineered intricately by nature, weaving fine detail into each flake. There is an unmistakable feeling of flight when riding through it, like no other sensation when skiing. But, this exhilaration can come at a cost, in the form of an avalanche. A rupture in the […]

Exploring Beneath The Antarctic Ocean

Lying almost concentrically around the South Pole, Antarctica – the name of which means ‘opposite to the Arctic’ is the southernmost continent. A vast land mass – around 14 million square kilometres – which is very much so devoid of life. Aside from the ice-kissed ocean shores where penguins and seals reside in the summer […]

Conquering Aviation Frontiers

In the modern world, there are no restrictions, and boundaries are to be broken. We see more women stepping into roles that were earlier primarily ‘reserved’ for men. Leading countries, climbing mountain peaks, flying planes, diving deep into the oceans – women are conquering new frontiers. In this inspiring time, we have caught up with […]

The Icons

Favre Leuba has a long-standing heritage dating back to 1737, a time when Abraham Favre was based in Le Locle, Switzerland. The brand vision was set in stone early. Creating masterful timepieces, with precise and pioneering technology. At the core of Favre Leuba was and still is today, a desire to build exploration instruments. Bold […]

Favre Leuba Features At The 72nd Anniversary Of The Cannes Film Festival

1968, the dive world is still in a fledgling stage. The pioneer Jacques Cousteau is exploring the seas. While the forward-thinking engineers from Favre-Leuba launch the Bathy diving watch. The first wristband watch with a depth gauge for divers, and today a precious item for collectors.

Adrian Ballinger Everest Summit Watch 2018 – Raider Bivouac 9000 Auction

On the 12th of May 2019, Favre Leuba is launching an auction in Geneva for our ground-breaking Raider Bivouac 9000. The actual summit watch from Adrian Ballinger’s record-setting 2018 ascent will be up for auction. 100% of all proceeds go towards supporting the Khumbu Climbing Centre co-founded by Jenni Lowe-Anker and Conrad Anker in Phortse, […]

K2 – The One That Should Have Got Away

K2, The Savage Mountain, is the second tallest mountain in the world. While slightly less tall than Mt. Everest, it is also considered a lot more difficult. The mountain is much steeper, requires thousands of meters of technical rock and ice climbing by even its easiest route, is subject to the region’s notoriously bad weather, […]

Moving Up Through The Pack At The Red Bull Ring In Austria, June 8 TO 10, 2018

Dear Racing Fans I recently took part in my third ADAC GT Masters race at the Red Bull Ring in Austria. One thing was clear from the get-go: we were going to fight our way to the front in spite of the tricky conditions. We knew right from the start that we had a tough […]

Ingenuity And Unrivalled Innovation

In 1962, Favre Leuba introduced the world to a watch that redefined limits. It was the one of legendary watches of the 20th century – the Bivouac, the world’s first mechanical watch with an aneroid barometer. Fifty-five years later, celebrating the 280th anniversary of Favre Leuba, a new Bivouac – the Raider Bivouac 9000 – […]

Everest – It's The Dream

For so many climbers, stories of epic adventures on Everest are what begin a passion for mountaineering and climbing. This is certainly true for me. After a few initial forays into hiking and rock climbing at the age of 12, I found my first Everest book – Crystal Horizon by Reinhold Messner – about the […]