The Other Side

In the next chapter of our Ladakh series, Thomas Morf and the Nirvana Nomads venture further into a remote Himalayan region. They enter a frozen valley and journey to the isolated village of Zanskar. This small mountain community is cut off by the onset of winter, only accessible via a frozen river. Our team meet […]

Explore Higher, Deeper, Further

Favre Leuba is the 2nd oldest Swiss watch brand, with an enduring heritage dating back to 1737. Throughout our illustrious timeline, the vision of the brand has been to push the boundaries of watchmaking innovation. Engineering high-quality timepieces with a definitive Swiss-made reliability, built to accompany pioneers throughout all domains. In the modern era, Favre […]

The Unseen

In our final instalment of exploring Frontiers in Ladakh, we go in search of the unseen. Discovering a region of vast landscapes and severe isolation. This is where the mercurial Snow Leopard walks unseen amongst the rocks and snow, camouflaged and concealed out of sight to the world. Tsewang, a leader of conservation in this […]

Diving With Killer Whales In Norway

Pods of Orca descend on the Norwegian Fjords from the month of November through to January. A period when good weather and bright daylight hours are at a minimum. With this in mind, the planning and strategy behind the team’s next trip began long ago. Their goal was to document a pod of killer whales […]

Open Ocean Sailing In The Arctic Circle

Svalbard is a vast white land located in the Arctic Circle off the coast of Norway. A place surrounded by mountain peaks and glacial valleys. This is where James Austrums and the crew of 59 North Sailing embarked on the next stage of their journey.

Swiss Made Philosophy – Celebrating 283 Years Of Favre Leuba Heritage

On March 13th 2020, we celebrated our 283rd anniversary of Swiss Watchmaking. To honour Favre Leuba’s long-standing heritage, we wanted to reflect on the brand’s landmark achievements and its ambassadors through the eras. Moreover, our aim was to research the key influences driving our Swiss Made brand forward for nearly three centuries. During the brand’s […]

The Seven Summits – A Dream Begins

In this three-part series – Satyarup Siddhanta –an asthmatic child, takes up the challenge to become a record-breaking mountaineer. The whys, the hows and the why-nots that have led him on adventures conquering the highest peaks on earth to exploring the ends of the world are captured here. If you’ve ever dreamt of exploring the […]

Highland Line – Mountaineering In Scotland

The mountaineering spirit conjures visions of alpinists enduring the harshest climates and significant exposures while focusing the mind on the pure objective of summiting the desired peak. Pushing the limits of calculated risk and ensuring it doesn’t transition into foolish bravery. The Scottish mountains have long been a testing ground for those wanting to pursue […]

Bathy 120 MemoDepth – Beneath The Ocean

In 1968, the dive world is still in a fledgling stage. The pioneer Jacques Cousteau is exploring the seas. While the forward-thinking engineers from Favre Leuba launch the Bathy diving watch. The first wristband watches with a depth gauge for divers, and today a precious item for collectors.

Indispensable Companion To Arctic Mission

In 2017, Favre Leuba celebrated its 280th anniversary. This is a remarkable milestone in the illustrious history of Switzerland’s second-oldest watch brand, which is once again expressing how, since its inception, it is always conquering frontiers across various domains. Be it with its watches such as the Raider Harpoon or Raider Bivouac 9000, or with […]