Walter Bonatti, Michel Vaucher And The Bivouac

Two mountaineers are squarely in the middle of the almost vertical, mostly ice-covered north face of Pointe Whymper in the Grandes Jorasses. These two daredevils were Geneva mountain guide Michel Vaucher and the Italian mountaineer Walter Bonatti and their watch: Favre Leuba’s Bivouac, the world’s first mechanical wristwatch with an aneroid barometer for altimetry and air pressure measurement.

The Beginning Of A New Era – The First Watchmaker In His Family

Built into the barren hills of the Swiss Jura, Le Locle was mainly dominated by agriculture when the nearly 16-year-old Abraham Favre signed his indenture in March of 1718. He was to be the first of his family to learn the craft of watchmaking under Daniel Gagnebin.

Lowest To The Highest – Switzerland

Alpinist and Favre Leuba ambassador Nicolas Hojac consistently seeks unique paths to test his mountaineering skills and endurance. His latest project is a true test of athletic stamina and a show of multi-sport skill sets that combines road, land and air. The objective of his latest mission was to journey ‘man-powered’ from the lowest to […]

The Whirlwind, By Adrian Ballinger

On social media, high-altitude mountaineering looks like it’s all stunning sunrises, lofty summits, and day after day of joyous climbing. And fortunately, there are times it is exactly that. But what often isn’t seen is the days weeks and months that lead up to those special moments. I’m currently sitting at 5200m/17,000ft in Base Camp […]

Emily Harrington: #ConqueringFrontiers

Emily Harrington is a professional rock climber and adventurer who has been a prominent and leading figure in the climbing community since she was a teenager. She has won 5 U.S. National Sport Climbing Championships and 2 North American Championships, as well as completing numerous first female ascents of 5.14 sport routes. She has free-climbed […]

#ConqueringFrontiers In New Zealand

Four and a half years ago, I climbed my first mountain in the literal sense; six months later, I quit my day job to commit my life to #ConqueringFrontiers as a professional adventurer and storyteller. Ultimately, I aspired to climb the unclimbed in the Greater Ranges and teamed up with Swiss watch brand Favre Leuba, […]

The Eternal Summer Timepiece

The days of beachside sessions with live music on the promenade, BBQ and paddleboarding into the sunset are once again changing hands from Northern to Southern Hemisphere. Nevertheless, our Swiss team of Favre Leuba engineers is hoping to extend their eternal summer with the release of our new 41mm Raider Deep Blue. Designed with a […]

Arctic Mission – An Intertwined Story Of Watchmaking And Exploration

Watch-making and exploration became closely entwined when accurate time-pieces provided the key to establishing longitude, and therefore one’s position on the surface of the Earth. World-renowned explorer Captain James Cook was one of the first navigators to use a time-piece at sea to establish longitude. He was only a 10-year-old when Abraham Favre was registering himself as a watchmaker in 1737.

Junko Tabei – The First Woman To Climb Mount Everest

On May 16th, 1975 an incredible feat of endurance, willpower, and teamwork saw Junko Tabei, a Japanese female climber overcome the odds and potentially catastrophic challenges to become the first lady to stand upon the summit of Mount Everest wearing a Favre Leuba Bivouac altimeter Swiss watch. In her words, Junko comments “Everest for me, […]

The Invisible Line – Ladakh

Deep in the Himalayan mountains is a remote region known as Ladakh. Here the people are shaped by nature at its purest. The land is untamed by man-made concrete jungles, the winds blow strong and the rivers are as wild as they come. Furthermore, the power of the elements is instantly noticeable by all who […]